I had another “aha” moment tonight and it revolved around the word “should.” It’s such an interesting word isn’t it? It’s not I can or I will. It promotes no action whatsoever. It’s more like “yeah, maybe I’ll get around to it,” or that might be ok.

Another thing it’s very powerful at doing in is convincing us all of how our lives are supposed to be laid out. What kind of house we should be living in. What relationship status we should have. That we should get married and have kids by this age or that. We should look like Victoria’s Secret Models. We should be skinny, have perfect skin and big boobs in order for a man to love us. That all these shoulds are the only things that will make ourselves and our lives meaningful. And when you think back to the root of the should, where does it come from? It comes from no real concrete place and certainly from no place of wisdom. It comes from society. It comes from our parents or families. It comes from our friends. Movies. Television. And as much as society surrounds us. As much as I love my family and enjoy watching TV and movies, you know what I say to all the shoulds they may supply on how my life should be? I say you should mind your own business and let me live my life. 🙂


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