Weekend Getaway: San Diego

Thought I would mix things up a little and lighten the blog mood with a little photo montage of my trip to San Diego this past weekend. Travel truly is one of the things I love most and even though San Diego isn’t exactly a trek from where I live, it feels like a true getaway every time I go. Sort of like the beach, I just feel refreshed and invigorated (suddenly this became an ad for body wash) whenever I come back. It’s one of those cities that makes me truly grateful to be living in Southern California. Palm trees, blue sky and beaches? Yep! Not to mention one of the best Farmer’s Markets I’ve ever been to! It also should be noted I am even more fortunate to have a generous uncle who owns a condo in the area and lets my parents and I use it often. Here’s a few photos from the weekend:

Beautiful view of Downtown from one of my favorite eateries: Burger Lounge
The "coastiest" way to travel to SD: the Metrolink Coaster
Beautiful park along the shoreline walkway in Downtown on the way to Gaslamp
I think the only place that beats this kind of sunset is Hawai'i
Wish I could wake up to this view everyday!
Last day...so long San Diego! Until we meet again...

3 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway: San Diego

  1. I totally agree! I’ve never actually ridden a train period (not even sure how that’s possible!) but there’s a stop right outside my uncle’s condo down there so I really need to just do it one of these days. Add it to my bucket list 🙂

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