Idaho: So Much More than Potatoes

ImageMy latest travels took me back to Boise, Idaho to visit my nearest and dearest friend. We’ve known each other since 3rd grade which usually garners a lot of dropped jaws and widely-opened eyes. It’s amazing to think at my age, I’ve known someone for 20 years. There is only one way to describe this trip too: fun! I ate so much amazingly delicious food, enjoyed some libations and dueling pianos and even visited a line dancing bar (something that is incredibly sparse in the So Cal area). My attempt at the electric slide left something to be desired however.

I got some great feedback from my friend and her dad as well. They noticed how much more upbeat and happy I seemed and this was such a great compliment. Thanks to blogging and websites like Tiny Buddha, I’ve had so many light bulb moments in the past few months that I literally do feel like a different person. Or more like a more positive and upbeat version of myself, and it feels great! I’ve spent a lot of years feeling sorry for myself and wishing my life was this way or that way. I’m still going to have bad days of course but it’s nice to be on the path of personal progress and to be the most confident and optimistic I’ve been in my whole life.


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