A New Year…The Best Year

This post was originally going to be about a guy that I dated that said all the right things, did all the right things and ended up being a master manipulator simply trying to get me to sleep with him. An ode of warning on the master manipulator if you will and maybe in the future I’ll end up posting it. But after I’d drafted almost the entire thing, I changed my mind.

This has been such a phenomenal week for me — year really like I mentioned in my last post. I left work with the most gigantic smile on my face (which I can also thank the gigantic iced coffee I had from McDonalds at 2pm for). The more time passes, the more I really do believe in the power of positive thinking and this is coming from someone who grew up being being the eternal pessimist. My glass was always half empty and I always assumed everything would turn out for the worst so I wouldn’t end up getting hurt or let down. Now I don’t think this is a principle that can be applied to starving children in Africa or those suffering such atrocities as genocide or civil war in their nation. I think we are terribly arrogant to think that positive thinking will get them out of such a horrific situation. But I digress…

I just can’t express how extremely fortunate I am for all of the great changes that have come about this year. Getting let go, as tough as it was financially, was truly the best thing that could have happened for my soul. I had the free head space to really stop and evaluate myself and really just evaluate. Now I blog here and for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and have an article published online! I mean…wow. It’s been amazing to see how the more I open up, the more people open up to me. I’ve said it before but I’ve had walls up for so long in my life, afraid to let people in and feeling like no one could understand me or my situation. But now I feel like everything is really coming together. I’m making great new friends, building friendships with others that I already knew. I’m starting to really learn what the true meaning of  a supportive friendship really is and looks like. I feel confident and strong. I have a new job I’m learning and really loving. I work with great people. I just feel…at peace (at home and at work).

So last but certainly not least, thank you to those who have made this year so great so far and thank you to everyone reading and giving me such amazing and touching feedback. I feel beyond blessed to have met so many amazing people already and to have the honor of knowing I’ve made an impact on even one person’s life. I think we’re all put on this earth to help each other in one way or another. To help each other get through this thing called life because we only get one. I can only hope to even make a dent in that way in the grand scheme of things.


One thought on “A New Year…The Best Year

  1. This morning reading tiny Buddha i mistakenly clicked and got here. now it feels it wasn’t mistake. just read a few lines and something popped into my mind seeing the theme of your blog. i remembered i also made blog with same theme few months back(don’t remember the exact interval) but then left it right there after few articles without using it. after going through your blog i just got kind of idea-“oh i should continue blogging!”
    i haven’t read your articles . i just read few lines.
    but i will read it all soon!
    thanks for bringing blogger in me!

    with regards,
    yin yang

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