Traveling for the Soul

I’ve talked a little bit about travel here. Heck, I first started the blog with the intent of making it a travel journal of all the places I visited. Unfortunately, that list gets longer by the day but the places I check off my list stays about the same. As of late, there’s a new place I want to add to my list though: India.

I already talked about the Oprah: Next Chapter episode I watched where she visited a family that lived in a 10×10 room and were one of the happiest and most joyful families I’ve ever seen. I think this episode is what really sparked my interest in India. Then yesterday I saw a movie called “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” A super cute and touching movie. The British really know how to do movies. But it represented India in such a true and beautiful light, it made me want to visit even more. Yes it’s a terribly impoverished country with a huge class division between the rich and the poor. Yes there may be children on the streets begging you for money. But what I took away from the movie wasn’t that, it was the smiles on those children’s faces. It was the colors and the sounds of the country. The deep religious beliefs. The sacred rituals. The true hospitality they offer. With so little, they still give so much.

I think if everyone traveled we would all be a lot more understanding one another. So often we just stay where we live, in our little bubble…never realizing there’s an entire world out there (and having only been to two countries outside the US…I certainly am not one to talk as it is). An entire world of people where everyone lives differently. Where people have different beliefs. Where people have different traditions and family structures. There isn’t just one “right” way to live. One “right” thing to believe. One “correct” culture. I think if we just saw something outside of our culture, outside of ourselves, we couldn’t help but have compassion and greater understand for one another right here in our city or town. The thing I love the most about our world is that we are all different. We all come from different places. We all believe different things. We dress differently, talk differently. But in the end, we are still human. We all have our struggles and we all have a unique story to tell.

I hope that someday India can be a part of the story that I tell.


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