The Travel Diaries: Portland

Over Labor Day weekend I was lucky enough to make my first trip to the Pacific Northwest…Portland, OR to be exact. A great group of girls I often do weekend excursions with and I decided a few months ago we would venture out of state and we were fortunate enough that one of us had family that lived in the area. So off to Portland we went.

I won’t go into all the gory details of the trip (though I will post a few pics) but even when I’m traveling domestically it does two things: it makes me appreciate this beautiful country we live in. We really do have some of the most picturesque places. Secondly, it just helps me to get away and clear my head. There’s really nothing better for re-centering yourself and evaluating your life and your priorities than travel. Even though Oregon really isn’t that far away, I learned so much from an entirely new demographic of people. And by demographic I mean some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I literally witnessed a guy in a crowded microbrewery give up the table he’d saved for him and his girlfriend to another group because they had more people. I also got to catch up with a great Creative Writing classmate of mine. Reconnecting is just so awesome and I feel like I’m in a vastly better place than I was in college so it’s nice to be able to showcase that, as narcissistic as that may sound. I also left Portland feeling like I’m in a vastly better place as well.

I decided I’m going to make at least one trip out of state every year (hopefully next year will be out of country to Ireland!) whether it be on my own or with friends. I wish I could have stayed in Portland even longer. I’ve literally never been struck by a place since I first went to New York. Aside from the rain and overcast weather, I think Portland is definitely a place I could live at some point in my life and it’s always immensely cool to feel like you connect with a place like that.

So thank you Portland for treating us so well! Without further adieu, some photographic evidence:


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