Blog Bucket List

So I already posted my personal bucket list on here a while ago, but after a very fun, insightful and inspiring weekend I’ve begun to form my own Blog Bucket List…things I want to accomplish with my blog, whether it be in two days or in two months. Like a lot of good things, some are going to require some time, some will require some money, some are going to be gradual and some will be more simple. I’ll kick off the list with one I actually just accomplished tonight!

  • Create a Facebook page for my blog
  • Get my own domain name
  • Enlist someone’s help/online to create a custom design
  • Invest in a good camera (but one I can still carry!)
  • Take a class on Adobe Photoshop
  • Buy Adobe Photoshop
  • Start taking/editing my own photos for the blog
  • Have 100 followers
  • Show my blog to Oprah and/or Ellen

So that last one might be a bit too overambitious but I’ve put it down on paper (well, electronic paper anyway) so I am going to dare to dream big and see what happens!


2 thoughts on “Blog Bucket List

  1. Sorry to reply late, I follow this blog on RSS and I have MD also. I’ve done several of these myself for my sports blog and they are not very complicated.

    WordPress lets bloggers get their own domain name for $17 dollars a year (you can find more info about this on Google or search at

    Facebook has a very simple and helpful way to make and maintain pages. I did this myself and once you have it setup, you can switch from your personal Facebook to the page at the press of a button. You can also have it so it’s linked to your blog’s twitter page and whatever you post from your blog’s twitter (everything but Retweets) is automatically posted to the Facebook page.

    Getting 100 followers is tough because you have to rely on other people, but I suggest sending out links to your blog via email/Facebook/Twitter/Friends/Tumblr/Wordpress and asking people to follow it or share it with their friends. Social Media is actually a great and fast way of getting new followers.

    An easy to use and carry camera is “The Flip” There’s a ton of other versions, but this is a handheld video (and I think also picture. You’ll have to check this) camera that is very lightweight and high quality. These type of cameras are called “Handheld Cameras” and they are definitely the lightest and best quality.

    Photoshop is quite complicated and tricky to use for even the professional photographers, but you can start taking and editing pictures for your blog quite easily with Windows Office. This free photo editor is also quite good With wordpress you can upload photos directly, but if you prefer to upload them for all to see- try

    Hope all this helps and you eventually do meet Oprah and Ellen! You should try tweeting the address of this blog to both of them! Ellen is incredibly active on there!

    1. Thanks for the tips Alan! I actually had already created a Facebook page before I posted the blog post and have linked it to my blog here (it’s also linked at the top) and I always post my new entries on both Facebook and Twitter so you’re right about social networking!

      I’m looking for a nicer digital camera or SLR too. I may do some video for this blog but probably not enough to need a Flip camera yet.

      Great idea about tweeting to Ellen and Oprah too! Hadn’t thought of that before. And thanks for reading!

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