The Water Project

I thought I’d take this Friday night opportunity to do something a little different…showcase a charity that I think is doing really great work. I recently saw this photo article on BBC that showed the beyond-dire living conditions of those living in Sierra Leone. I was awestruck by the horrific conditions these people are forced to live in, all because they don’t have access to clean water. I can say with certainty that I think clean water is something we take for granted here in the States. We wash our hands, fill up our water bottles and take a 15 minute shower without even batting an eye. The people of Sierra Leone don’t have this luxury and they’re getting very very sick because of it.


I started to do some research on what organizations are doing things to help bring clean water to this region and I found The Water Project. They’re operating in 5 different countries to help the residents find access to safe water and sanitation by funding the construction of water wells and other safe water facilities.

Being that it’s the holiday season, I think there’s no better time to celebrate the spirit of giving and doing so by helping a great cause. Even if it’s not the Water Project, think about what you can give to another cause, whether it be your money or just your time. One of the best things about being on this Earth is we have the ability to make life a little better for one another by lending a helping hand.

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