Walking the Walk

550693_449305721746642_1961819929_nI’ve talked a little about this topic already…this idea that despite what I may write here, I’m not always this upbeat, positive person walking around spouting inspirational quotes. I’m also most certainly, not perfect (and I’m finally starting to be ok with that…progress!).

Though my blog is still a tiny operation at this point, I still find myself wondering if I’m walking the walk enough. Am I treating others kindly? Am I loving myself enough? Am I fully seeking knowledge and truth for the purest reasons? Am I being a good enough advocate for the MD community?

These questions run through my mind quite often actually. We all know those people; the ones who quote Maya Angelou, who talk about the latest documentary they just watched or book they read, the people who talk about how enlightened they are when in reality…they don’t follow that up with action and they’re just out to prove to people they are this way or that. Not to say these are bad people, we are all lost in one way or another in this journey called life, trying to find our way. That just manifests itself in different ways in people.

But this blog is very important to me. It’s a huge passion and huge part of my life and I don’t want to be someone who is just pretending to inspire people. Who is just “Sharing” powerful quotes on Facebook but is not really behind them or doesn’t practice them in my own life. I don’t want this to be a tool for me to make it look like I’m somehow more enlightened than everyone else because I can write some blogs and analyze myself and the world.

Because this is the truth of myself. I’m a work in progress just like everyone else. I have a temper sometimes (usually just when I’m driving). Sometimes I’m not the best listener I could be. I can be impatient. I have days where I get frustrated with other people and don’t always want to be loving towards them. I have trouble forgiving those who have hurt me. I am not perfect and I am certainly not enlightened. I am just trying to make sense of this wonderfully crazy thing called life. I’m trying to make it the best I can make it for myself and for those around me. I’m trying to contribute something to this world, however small or large that may be.

So I will strive every single day to make sure I’m not just talking the talk, but that I’m walking the walk too.


One thought on “Walking the Walk

  1. What a great topic, Jackie! I think too many people try so hard to give the illusion that they are enlightened, when in reality they are lost souls. Well said about walking the walk.

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