So I will be honest, I am not really an advocate of the “selfie” (photos you take of yourself with your phone or camera that often get posted on various forms of social media). Oh I took many of them back in the days of MySpace. Standing in the front of the mirror, looking pensively out the window…all that good stuff. But these days I just prefer to have pictures taken of myself by other people or with other people in them with me to capture moments and memories. That being said, please excuse the one I have below πŸ™‚

You’ve probably already read my struggle with defining myself by the makeup I wear and how hard it’s been for me over the years to go makeup free; that fear that people would think I was ugly or less desirable if I ever let them see me without makeup on. I told someone once, it was an “earned privilege” to see me without makeup…male or female, it didn’t matter.

Even now, as I took the picture of myself sans Instagram filters, sans special lighting, sans contacts even and with still-wet hair from a shower, I felt that knot build in my stomach and the questions arise. Do I really want to let people see this, flaws and all? Complete strangers? Guys? Girls? Should I still just keep the mystery of it alive? But it was for that very reason that I knew IΒ had to do it. I had to step out of my bubble. I had to step out of my comfort zone, not just to be true to what I talk about here on my blog, but to be true to myself. It’s not about the responses I may or may not get from people. At the end of the day and when I wake up, this is what I look like and if I’m not ok with that…if I don’t love myself with makeup or without, then how can I expect anyone else to? I love dressing up and playing with makeup, that will likely never change, but what I also know is beauty is so much more than something that comes out of a tube or a bottle.

So this is me…#nofilter

no filer selfie with glasses


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