“Balance is a misnomer too – all balance requires wobbling.” – Kathy Kruger

I just wanted to share this wonderful article that I read on Tiny Buddha yesterday. A lot of my blogs and thoughts lately have been focused around this idea of “balancing” everything and I think Kathy’s piece really hit the nail on the head. We all have to wobble our way through life. I’m likely never going to be the perfect blend of nice and tough. I’m not going to be able to blog myself into being completely enlightened and have all the answers.

Life isn’t meant to be lived constantly searching for something, whatever that something may be. We can’t go through it constantly running towards some great big answer (and we also can’t spend it running away from those answers we don’t want to hear). There’s no great big moment at the end of it all that we should be striving towards. If there’s always something we’re searching for then we’re never going to be truly happy.

Thank you for the lesson Kathy.

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