On the Road – Part 1

Once upon a time this blog was meant to be a travel blog and I’m very lucky that this year I’ve gotten to do a decent amount of travelling.

I am writing this from Jackson, Wyoming – one of the most beautiful and awesome places I’ve been to so far. I’m out on the road on one of my company’s tours.

This is a big trip for me not just because I’m getting out and experiencing the product I work with on a daily basis but because it’s my first trip alone. I experienced everything from elation to panic in the days leading up to my tour.

So far it’s been an amazing experience though. I am the youngest in the group by quite a lot of years but I’ve met some amazing people who are taking good care of me and looking out for me. I had a fall at breakfast this morning that dropped the trip morale a little. But a very nice European tourist ran over and helped me up. Americans really need to get with it. I’ve never had a complete (US) stranger run over and help me up. Few people even ask if I’m ok.

I know just a few years ago I never would have dared doing this. I would have had to have a friend or parent go along with me. But I’m sightseeing alone, eating some meals alone and have an entire hotel room to myself. As I’ve mentioned many times before, it’s really important for me as a person with a disability to do whatever I can on my own since there will always be things I just can’t do on my own.

I’m so grateful for the ability to travel and see awesome places, meet awesome people and learn more about myself. And hopefully if I fall again, a nice overseas tourist will be nearby! Pictures to follow at some point too.

3 thoughts on “On the Road – Part 1

  1. Great to hear you’ve given it your best and are going for the gusto:-) I’m proud of you…If you’d care to share it with MDA, our next group meeting is next Tues. at 6:45 if you’re back in town

    1. Thanks Ross! I actually will still be on the road next Tuesday. I’m not back until the 19th. Say hi to everyone for me and tell them I promise I’m not avoiding them 🙂 It’s just turned into a very busy 2013!

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