Tales From Killarney

I am writing this from a twin bed at a hotel in Killarney, Ireland. So far it’s been a great trip. I still feel like I’m in a movie sometimes. The country is just as green and beautiful as you would expect. The people are so vibrant and friendly. Dublin is a great cosmopolitan city with great shops, sights and pubs (and some of the best looking men I have ever seen!). My mom and I spent our first night there at a local pub where we were the only non-locals and it was fantastic. We’ve covered all of the alcohol bases with the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery.

I’ve said it many times before…travel is just so enlightening. You get to experience some place totally new with totally new people and new ways of doing things. Europe can be a tough place for someone with a disability though. After going to France in high school, I was pretty prepared for the lack of accessibility but it still gets frustrating. We made a stop at a restaurant today and not only did I have to go up stairs to get to the restaurant but in order to get to the bathroom I would have had to back down more stairs and then up them again. So I find myself getting frustrated and somewhat crabby about the physical challenges that come up. I don’t get mad at the country, I just get mad at myself for not being able to navigate just like everyone else. I get frustrated I can’t just run around a new country willy nilly. Sometimes travel, especially international travel can be a glaring reminder of my physical shortcomings.
At the same time, it also shows me how strong I am capable of being. I did a walking tour of Dublin yesterday that was pretty intense but I did it and I am proud of myself for it.

I want to see the world, plain and simple and I refuse to say “I can’t” or let my disability prevent me from seeing and doing all the things I want to.

Besides, I already love Ireland so much, I may never come back! I kid…sort of 😉 Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Tales From Killarney

  1. Glad to hear you’re having a good time:-) In my day about 30 years ago I had no way to document my travel experiences One of the best I can recall was in ’84. My Fraternity, Theta Chi was having a National Convention in New Orleans, LA. in late July and I had a chance to fulfill a dream of diving in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean if I could devise of a way to get there. Well an old roommate, another brother, and myself left Hunt. Beach at noon on a Sunday to catch I-10 across the US to see how fast we could reach New Orleans. We did it in 33 hours making only one stop to rest and eat at a chapter house in Las Cruces, NM and 3 or 4 gas stops. Spent Tuesday through Saturday at the convention in New Orleans, I then got a ride to the airport to board a cheap flight I booked at home from New Orleans to Miami, then to San Juan PR, on to Tortola in the BVI to board a dive boat. Well it all came together as planned until just before the last dive on the wreck of the Rhone, ( the wreck where the Deep was filmed) I kicked my right pinky toe into a stanchion pole on deck while carrying my tank to the stern of the boat.It hurt like blazes, but I wasn’t about to travel this long and far to miss this dive. I donned my equipment and camera and made the dive to over 110′, shot a roll of film, and fulfilled my quest 🙂 Once back on deck my toe was throbbing from the earlier incident. I pulled off my neoprene boot to expose a swollen black and blue pinky. That night at my place setting in the galley was a gift from the crew: A post card that read, RIP Ross’ Toe.
    I can appreciate all your escapades as you can see I’ve had a few too:-)

  2. I envy your bravery to travel. I’ve had many opportunities to travel with my wife but I’m afraid of the unknown circumstances that I may encounter when I’m out of my comfort zone. She has been to Ireland several times and the beauty she describes makes me wish I had the bravery to go! Enjoy your trip. Oh you mentioned the Guinness Brewery, Have you seen the new add for their beer? I think you would really like it. The one with the friends playing wheelchair basketball.

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