Observations of a Solo Disney-Goer


So I did something after work today that even just a few years ago, I would never even have considered doing: I went to Disneyland by myself. After my sad sack post last night, which in typical me style, I deleted (thank you for the great comments on it though, they really helped), I wanted to post something a little more positive.

So back to our regularly scheduled programming…going to Disneyland is like a mandatory group activity. At the very least, it’s a mandatory couple activity. I certainly go plenty of times with my awesome fellow Disney-goers but for some reason there was just something about going on my own. It was a hurdle I wanted to tackle and I wanted to tackle it today.

So I went and I sat at Coke Corner, grabbed myself a cream cheese pretzel and a Coke (how can you not get a Coke at Coca Cola Corner?). I scoped out one of the tables right near the front of Main Street and plopped myself down. Everyone around me was in a group, with a friend, a husband, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It was a little uncomfortable at first, I’ll admit it. But as I sat and enjoyed my pretzel, I just started to watch the people go by.

I can see how people have a negative opinion of Disney. It is a big corporation. They do charge way too much for admission and $6 for a pretzel and a soda is probably a little much. Let’s not forget the fact it seems to turn people with strollers into steam rollers sometimes. Maybe it’s because I’ve been going since I was 6 months old. Maybe it’s because when I was a little girl and still had crutches, Mickey picked me out of a crowd of eager children to hug me but I just have this incredibly deep sentimental attachment to Disneyland. I thought maybe having a pass would change that but it hasn’t. Every time I walk through those gates, I still feel like a kid all over again.

So as I sat there, I saw all the good around me. The couples walking in hand-in-hand (yes even eternally single me could appreciate that). The parents with their kids in their new mouse ears, trying to drag them on Nemo’s Submarine ride. The people who, God love them, looked exhausted after having clearly spent an entire day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

I’ve always seen Disneyland as one of those places where everyone can be themselves and just have fun…sometimes even be their goofiest self. My friends know that I really don’t dance, and don’t really like to. But get me to Disneyland with the soundtrack playing outside before you enter or during any one of their parades and I will start movin’ to the groovin’. People buy and wear these awesomely crazy hats you know they wouldn’t anywhere else. It’s just fantastic.

As I observed all of this, I stopped caring that I was by myself. I was only there for about an hour but I am still proud of the fact I did it. Perhaps some people thought it was weird, even “lame,” and perhaps others didn’t even think twice but you know what?  I walked out of there with my pimp limp and a smile.

Sometimes the only thing you need to get yourself out of a rut is a new experience, a new challenge. It may not have been climbing Mt. Everest today and I may not have gone on any rides by myself but having some me time at Disneyland brought me pretty close to being the Happiest Person on Earth today.


One thought on “Observations of a Solo Disney-Goer

  1. A gorgeous day to go too. Seems like you had a good time:-) Better than staying at home and saying what if… You actually helped yourself out of a rut and are feeling better because of it. Be proud of yourself:-):-):-)

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