A Very Important Month

pink_ribbon_t670Instead of sharing my latest “aspiration,” I wanted to take this time to talk about something else much more important: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In case you didn’t already know, the entire month of October is dedicated to this wonderful cause. So there, now you know šŸ™‚

One of the most amazing women I know, who I’ve mentioned here before, survived breast cancer at the age of 80. That woman is my grandma. She is so resilient. She had a mastectomy and was home the next day. She’s not only one of the toughest and strongest women I know, she is also a survivor.

Another amazing woman who was affected by breast cancer, a dear family friend named Lorna, sadly lost her battle with this terrible disease back in 2011 after having bravely beat it once before. Her son and I pretty much grew up together and of my favorite memories of her was this fantasticĀ Wizard of OzĀ themed party she hosted when we were kids. She was dressed up like Dorothy and the party came complete with a yellow brick road and an Emerald City. She was an amazing woman, an amazing mother, wife, and friend to my mom.

So to these two phenomenal women, I dedicate this post. I wear pink in honor of them this month.

For all the other phenomenal women out there who are battling breast cancer or have lost their battle, I urge you to donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation. Together we can help find a cure so we don’t have to lose any more mothers, wives, daughters, sisters or friends.

Click here to donate

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