A Little Girl

toddler1There is a little girl. A little girl who is shy. A little girl who is scared. A little girl who knows she is different and doesn’t want to be. She beats herself up each time she says the wrong thing…every time she does the wrong thing. Whenever she makes a mistake. Afraid to let anyone see she cares but wanting everyone to like her, to love her. She doesn’t assert her opinion or speak up no matter how much she may want to for fear of being seen as stupid. A little girl who would describe herself as “ugly.” A little girl who spent a lot of nights crying wishing she was like all of the other little girls.

There is a woman. Sometimes she is still shy. Sometimes she is scared. She knows she is different and she embraces it. She doesn’t mind standing out in a crowd. She still might make mistakes sometimes. Sometimes she says or does the wrong thing. She still has days where she doesn’t want people to see how much she cares. Slowly she is shedding the desire to be everything to everyone and realizes it’s ok if not everyone likes her. She asserts her opinion more often and stands up for herself because she knows she’s not stupid. Most days, she feels beautiful and she certainly cries sometimes for a lot of different reasons, but she is very happy she’s not like all of the other women.

2 thoughts on “A Little Girl

  1. I see you’re catching on 🙂 Just to let you know you are missed by the group. I share your Blogs with Linda Scott and Holly. FYI: we are having a Holiday Pot Luck at the December meeting. Holly is bringing pizza and drinks and asked others to bring cookies or chips & dip or anything else you’d like to share. We also have a gift exchange that is a real hoot:-) $10.00 limit.
    Hope you can join us:-) December 10 from 6:45-8:15

    1. Thanks Ross. I’m not sure what I’m catching on to but I know I’m going to have good days and bad and that I’m learning and I’m growing and that that’s a great thing.

      Tell everyone hi for me at group. I remember the Christmas party from last year and the fun gift exchange. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to attend anytime soon but give everyone my best and wish them a happy holidays!

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