A Letter to 2013


Dear 2013,

Thank you for being one of the most amazing years of my life thus far (I know, I say that to all the years). Thank you for taking me on my dream trip to Ireland. Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful group of people on that trip and for giving my mom and I memories that will last a lifetime. I appreciate you taking me on my first solo trip in August too. I saw some of the most beautiful places in this fine country of ours. I did things I didn’t think I ever could on my own and learned to further appreciate that great thing called “me time” (having an entire hotel room and two beds to myself certainly didn’t hurt either). Thank you for my first visit to Seattle with 3 amazing people.

I had a fabulous year professionally, earning an award from my amazing colleagues, making new friends, learning a lot, and beginning to work towards a Project Management Certificate.

Thank you for my first year having a Disneyland pass for the first time in about 10 years. Though that certainly brought me some of the biggest heartache I had all year, it also brought me the most joy. To get the chance to go with amazing friends and feel like a kid again every single month was a gift that kept on giving (no matter how much my wallet tried to tell me otherwise).

I was fortunate enough to have another piece published online and had my first piece of work published in a book. For someone who never really dared to see herself as a writer, both were honors beyond description.

Thank you for all the wonderful memories I had with the amazing people in my life. There were a lot of great firsts, a lot of great new experiences. I don’t think I’ve ever packed so much fun into one year before.

Thank you for teaching me forgiveness. It’s something I wasn’t sure I was capable of but without my really knowing…it happened.

I appreciate the mistakes and the bad decisions and all that I’ve learned from them. I had a pretty big health scare this summer and though things seem to have calmed down now, I won’t forget how scary that was.

I’m just gonna say it…thanks for somehow ensuring I was single for another year. I had some interesting dating experiences (some good, some bad, some pretty funny) but I’m glad that I got to experience everything I did this year while being on my own. I know that I truly got to enjoy all of my travels and all of the fun because I didn’t have a significant other to worry about in the process.

Lastly, thank you for all you’ve taught me about my disability and the strengths I have both because of and in spite of it. Thank you for all of the wonderful, brave, and amazing people I’ve met all across the world because of this blog and my blog with MDA. The last thing I ever feel now is alone and I hope that all of those same people feel the same way too.

I’m not sure if 2014 is going to be able to top you, but I’m sure going to try (sorry?).

Sincerest thanks,



3 thoughts on “A Letter to 2013

  1. I happened across your blog from reading one of your articles on Tiny Buddha. I’m so glad I did- you write beautifully! This is a lovely piece and your attitude of gratitude is encouraging. Thank you for sharing!

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