The Imperfect Comforter

comforter 2I have a comforter on my bed that I absolutely love. It’s super soft, keeps me warm, is cute and was from one of those designer collections from Target so it was a bargain too for something that would normally be around $1,000. This comforter though, has acquired some flaws over time. One of the cats at my house clawed it and gave it a run and it’s got some spots on it (don’t recommend writing or eating in bed). I’ve often been conflicted about what to do with my now flawed comforter. Part of me wants to get rid of it and get a new one…one that’s new and fresh and unflawed. But another part of me…a part that grows and grows…wants to keep the comforter I love so much and to accept it flaws and all.

The way I feel about this comforter is much the way I feel about myself. Sometimes I would love to have a new, fresh, unflawed me. But other times, I just want to embrace my comfortable, warm self…flaws and all. I want to keep and embrace the me I love so much. After all, if I can’t accept a somewhat flawed item in my room, how can I accept my somewhat flawed self? If I’m that bothered by a couple of spots and a run on my bedding, how can I expect to accept the flaws of actual people in my life?  The imperfections on my comforter are what make it mine. It reflects the years of use and love I’ve given it. And my imperfections are what make me me. They’ve come along with me through all of my struggles, all of my tears, all of my laughter, and all of my amazing memories. So I think I’ll keep my comforter and I sure as hell am going to keep myself!


One thought on “The Imperfect Comforter

  1. I follow your blog for the quote sometime, it is really good. The feeling is awesome wherever I read it. it always touched me. I have also noticed that the essence of feeling of disable people you portray is awesome. Actually sometime I feel that I am reading my own blog. Keep it up dear.

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