When I Fall…

…these are the thoughts that run through my head, however illogical or over-dramatic they may be:

“Why can’t you just stay on your feet like a normal person?”

“Well, ruined another pair of jeans.” or “I hope I didn’t rip these jeans!”

“Is this really happening again?”

“{Insert every curse word in the book}”

“How am I going to get up?” (if no one else is with me)

and the big one…

“How is anyone going to be able to love someone who this happens to all the time?”


2 thoughts on “When I Fall…

  1. *hug!* I can empathize. I trip *all* the time. The toes on all of my left shoes are eaten and torn up because I can’t pick my foot up properly. So, (insert words of fellow odd-person encouragement here)! 🙂

    1. Thank you Megan! That’s exactly what happens with me too. One or both of my feet get stuck because I don’t pick up my feet enough and down I go. The words of encouragement are much appreciated 🙂

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