Attractive vs. Beautiful

I’ve come to realize there are a lot of amazing things about blogging…the people I’ve met from it, therapy for myself, and hopefully the ability to help people in some way, shape or form. This week I was reminded of another awesome reason: the people who read my blog. After my last post, I got an amazing comment from a lovely girl named Ana (check out her fantastic blog here). She reminded me of something so important that I had forgotten amidst my self-pity this past week. Beauty is not defined by how we look (no matter what the world around us might say). Attractiveness is what is defined by how we look. Physical attractiveness. But not only is that extremely subjective, it also has nothing to do with true beauty.

I was so focused on what was wrong with me physically, I completely lost sight of all my inner qualities. The qualities that truly make me beautiful. The things I contribute to the world that don’t include my face or body. The things that aren’t going to fade with age anyway.

So thank you very much Ana for reminding me of that very important fact I’d forgotten this week. Bloggers inspiring each other…another one of my favorite things about blogging 🙂

4 thoughts on “Attractive vs. Beautiful

  1. I appreciate this entry so much! It’s so easy to forget that there is a difference between internal and external beauty! Yet I love how its way more important to have the internal beauty. Physical attractiveness only lasts so long and once it fades we only have our inner qualities. I love how you said that these inner qualities are what allow us or push us to give to the world, and thats what we are going to be remembered by, not by our physical attractiveness. So true. Thanks! – Veronica

  2. This post is great. I recently had a conversation with my friend who did not feel “physically attractive” and we discussed how beauty/attractiveness comes from within and not just what’s externally portrayed. Someone’s confidence, strengths, personality, and attitude all make up someone’s beauty. Someone can be physically “attractive” to the general public, but if they are self conscious in the inside or do not have a lot of self-love, it all quickly shows outside as well. This entry is a good reminder that what we can offer to others is what makes us truly beautiful. Thanks!

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