What Not to Say to a Person with a Disability

I’ve heard a lot of crazy things in relation to my disability and my limp over the years. But the one that really bothers me is “Wow that looks like it hurts.” I’ve only ever heard this in one place before too: Idaho. I’m in fact, sitting in the Boise airport right now having had the exact sentence said to me by a TSA agent. People at home usually at least ask if I hurt myself in a nice way. Now I understand people that ask this aren’t coming from a place of malice and I’ve certainly put my foot in my mouth before, but I also don’t understand what would posses someone to point out someone’s limp even if it was from a ski accident. You really don’t need to point anything like that out…to anyone. And I’m sorry, there’s like 10 million better sarcastic jokes you can make.

I’ve said before, I know it doesn’t even occur to people I have a disability when I’m up and walking. But that right there is why I blog. Just like any disease, MD has many forms and faces. Disability does not equal wheelchair. So the next time you see someone limping, know it’s ok to say absolutely nothing at all.

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