Inspiration of the Day – Jillian Mercado

So Positive Jackie has returned! Honestly, writing that blog yesterday was so therapeutic. Just to get out how I was feeling no matter how cynical or dramatic it may have sounded. I definitely got a few worried texts and phone calls which were much appreciated. I also watched this last night which actually brought me to tears. I knew about Jillian being the first model in a wheelchair and shared her being featured in Nordstrom’s Fall Anniversary Catalog on Facebook. I was so happy just to see someone with a disability being featured in something that revolved around beauty but I actually didn’t even know she had muscular dystrophy until I watched this. Her attitude is positively amazing and something that’s inspired me to lock it in more and not sit in a corner and be upset about something I have no control over. Thank you for the reminder Jillian. I hope this inspires you guys too…


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