Ridin’ Solo (At the Movies)

Going to the movies has long been one of those things you “should” do with friends, on a date, or with your significant other. All of these reasons are exactly why I like to go by myself. Now I’ll admit, it had been a while since I did a solo movie date with myself. It was back when I wasn’t working and it was an 11am showing of The Artist on a weekday (not exactly prime movie going time).

I’d seen previews for Begin Again a lot over the past month and really wanted to see it. So instead of trying to find a friend to go with or feeling sad I didn’t have a date to take me, I just decided to go see it by myself this week. I got off work, I packed my purse and off I went for one of my first evening showings on my own. I have to tell you, there’s no more invigorating experience for me (except maybe travel), than going to a movie by myself. Yes, my heart was pounding a little in the beginning. You wonder how full the theatre might be and you know when you have trouble with stairs, eyes are going to be all on your when you try pull yourselves up a step to the seats.

But I walked myself into that small theatre (there was only one other couple in there in the back), pulled myself limp and all up the steps and sat down near the front, right smack dab in the middle. Several other couples filed in afterwards and I noticed a few looked over at me. Another lady came in a little later, also by herself, and sat down.

It’s funny to me really, that movie going has been deemed by society as a group thing or a couples activity. Do I enjoy going to movies with people? Of course. Magic Mike probably wouldn’t have been the same solo 🙂 But for the most part, I don’t understand why it’s not more of a solo activity. I mean think about it, you’re in a dark theater with your focus on the screen and hopefully on the movie. What do you need someone else to do that for?

This was really the perfect way to end my day. I won’t spoil it but the movie ending coincided with my experience pretty damn well too. I needed some quality time with myself after my recent up and downs and to remind myself of how strong I am. So I guess, today…I’m kind of my inspiration 🙂


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