Is Ignorance Bliss?

The word “ignorance” is one of my least favorite words. It’s right up there with “closed-mindedness”. Lately though, I’ve been completely overwhelmed with the state of the world. The increased rate of rape and assault on women that makes me terrified to even leave the house sometimes. The unfair treatment of women. The overwhelming misogyny of some men. The constant “you’re not doing enough with you’re life because you’re not doing _____”. The drought in California. Police killing unarmed people. The crises in Gaza and Ukraine. The smattering of “look like this” or “do this to find a relationship” articles. The ignorance and lack of compassion we have towards each other…our fellow human beings. I can’t even go on Facebook anymore without having a near panic attack. 

I’m just so tired of it all. I know the only thing I can control is me though. I’m never going to be able to stop world wars and stop terrible things from happening in the world as much I would like to be able to. We should live in a world where women can walk home alone or go to the grocery store at night and not have to worry about being raped or murdered. We should live in a world where we actually try to understand one another and our beliefs rather than trying to change them or persecute each other over them. We should be focusing on prettying our insides and not our outsides. We should focus on being compassionate and not being right. We should be doing whatever we can to preserve this Earth we call home. We should be worrying about liking ourselves instead of worrying about how many “Likes” we can get. 

Sometimes I wonder if ignorance…to a certain extent…is bliss. I strongly believe we need to know what’s going on in our world and to care about it in order to be better people and to care about each other more. But right now, I think I need a little distance from the constant news feed of social media and of life. Once I get a little more right with myself again, I’ll be able to go back to it, but right now, the less I know and the less negativity I read, the better I think I’ll feel. 


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