Inspiration of the Day: Kate Krassowski

I came across this absolutely wonderful piece on one of my favorite sites the other night…I Am That Girl. It came at a perfect time because I had been just thinking about the topic minutes before. It makes me really sad how we as women treat each other sometimes out of our own jealousy and insecurity. Just like Kate says, we’re all struggling with the same things. We’re all victims of inaccurate and unfair media portrayals. We’ve all been hurt. We all struggle to feel worthy and to feel beautiful. Those commonalities alone should bind us together, not drive us apart.

One of the biggest things we seem to fight about and divide over are men. We act like there’s so few left on the earth that every other woman is somehow getting in the way of our swooping him up (or if we’re in a relationship, that she might try to take him away from us). If she’s prettier, has bigger boobs, better skin…she’s an automatic threat to our happiness. If something doesn’t work out with a guy and he moves on with someone else, instead of trying to move forward ourselves or feeling encouraged that another woman found happiness, we call her a “bitch” or tear her down. When a man cheats on his girlfriend or wife, instead of getting mad at him, our husband and our partner, we get mad at the woman, calling her a “whore” or a “slut” (even if she didn’t even know he was married).

It’s no secret I’m a feminist and I think the only way for progress to be truly made for ourselves in the world is to treat each other with compassion. To try to understand each other and to unify from our struggles and our insecurities. If we’re expelling our energy tearing each other apart, judging and gossiping, we’re only going to step further backward. This is something I definitely need to work on myself too. But I’ve met so many amazing women in my life and I don’t know what I would do without them. And you never know how amazing that woman might be that passes you in the mall that you automatically hate for being prettier than you. You’ll never know what kind of friendship you could build with other women if you’re too busy judging them or being jealous. Together, we can achieve so much more than I think even we realize.


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