The Positive Inspiration

A lot of people ask me how I stay positive or have such an upbeat attitude about life and living with a disability. My usual answer is that I had a bit of an epiphany a few years ago when I started embracing my disability instead of trying to hide it or pretend I was something I wasn’t. Now though, some time later, the answer is I have friends who inspire to be so. I like to think I’m more positive than not on a day to day basis but I still have plenty of days when I’m defeated, think the worst or am just generally not optimistic. That’s where one particular friend of mine comes in. We often joke about how I worry about everything. Every minute detail of what could possibly go wrong sometimes. She’s the voice of calm and reason that tells me that everything is going to be just fine. She’s the one who reminds me that if we think good things for ourselves, then oftentimes we will attract good things. I’ve never met anyone more courteous to complete strangers. Someone who nearly always assumes and believes in the best in people. Even on my most positive days, I have trouble with that one. I’ve let previous bad experiences, previous hurt and even what I see on the news skew my view of the world. It’s ok to be cautious but I think I overstep cautious into flat out pessimism sometimes when I’m out in the world.

So how do I stay so positive? I have a wonderful set of people around me who encourage me to be so. Who help me not to worry so much. Who inspire me to be my best self and when I falter, to remind me of all the good there is in people. I could never achieve it alone. After all, there’s no “i” in team 🙂

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