Inspiration of the Day (and Life): Mattie Stepanek

This is Mattie Stepanek. He was one of the most amazing, wise, compassionate and caring people to grace this planet. Mattie also had muscular dystrophy and lost his battle with the disease when he was only 13 years old. I wanted to share a clip of Mattie on Oprah, when I and the world were introduced to this incredible little boy, not just because he was and continues to be a remarkable influence but because after what I wrote last night, I felt a little selfish. I never apologize for what I write here or for what I feel at any given moment. It’s my blog and I have to be true to myself, even the bad and the not so pleasant stuff. But after I hit the “Post” button yesterday, I was immediately reminded of all those struggling with MD who don’t have the luxury to say “I don’t want to live a long time.” They don’t have that luxury because the type that they have is fatal. They won’t have a choice in the matter. Life might take them when they’re much too young, just like it did with Mattie. My body and I are still not getting along right now (I may have to file for formal separation) but I did realize I need to be more grateful and take out a little more of “me” in the equation. I’m not the only one on the planet with MD and there are others suffering so much more than I am.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling about myself and let you watch this amazing boy. Thank you Mattie for living with so much love and being an inspiration not to just those of us with MD, but to the world. You are truly missed.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration of the Day (and Life): Mattie Stepanek

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