What I Don’t Accept

I know I said 2015 was going to be the year of acceptance, but after a repeat of an earlier discriminatory event at Disneyland last night (this time at California Adventure), I have a few things I’d like to share that don’t accept:

  • I don’t accept people’s ignorance of the different types of disabilities
  • I don’t accept constantly having to justify my MD, especially not to places I’m a paying customer at
  • I don’t accept that the world isn’t set up for people with disabilities…something none of us choose to be born with or affected by
  • I don’t accept the idea that a disability only looks one way
  • I don’t accept that if I had a cane, walker or wheelchair, people would believe I have a disability more often
  • I don’t accept that because of other people’s ignorance, this is something I’ll have to deal with my whole life
  • I don’t accept I constantly have to walk around waving my awareness flag just so people get it
  • I don’t accept that I (or any of us) have to get mad, hurt or upset because of some else’s ignorance
  • I don’t accept that people can’t simply pick up a book, watch TV or learn about the world on their own time to realize that people with disabilities do exist in this world and we are entitled to whatever assistance we need
  • I don’t accept that I even needed to write this blog in the first place

I’m tired of myself and others having to be an advocate for the disability and MD communities because people are too ignorant to figure it out for themselves in this country. It’s not my job to stand there and take condescension and judgement from some 20 year old girl who’s reading off her script from corporate but making sure to add talking to me like I’m stupid. I will no longer be a victim of an always changing system…a system that thinks that I’m just lying to try to get to the front of the line. I refuse to be “evaluated” by people are not doctors and I refuse to leave a place I pay to get away or to be happy at crying ever again.

I will not justify my disability to anyone even once a year. And I’m taking a break from being an activist, even if means not blogging for a while. I’m tired and I’m drained and it’s not my responsibility America or Disney to make you informed anymore. You have all the resources to be able to do it yourself. Figure it out and let me know when you have your shit together.


One thought on “What I Don’t Accept

  1. It’s not just America or Disney, it’s also in Australia.. Nop, I’ll refraise that, it’s in the whole damned world !!!

    I’m in a electric wheelchair, so i’m noticed a lot more. People either ignore me completely, like I don’t even exist, or they speak very LOUDLY and SLOWLY to me, like I won’t be able to understand them… and I know where your coming from, it is highly frustrating !!!!

    Cyanne x

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