One thing I’ve noticed that’s been popping up a lot on social media lately is this idea of wanderlust. Always finding a new place to travel or having the intense desire to travel anywhere and everywhere and doing it now. I have to say that I don’t really have wanderlust. Working in travel I have a lot of friends that do, but I tend to have a more muted perspective. I’m just grateful for whatever parts of the world I do get to see in my lifetime. Which isn’t to say that other people aren’t, but I just personally don’t have that insatiable desire for the next thing or the next place. Part of this stems from having MD without a doubt. It’s not as easy for me to just pick up and go somewhere. I have to plan really thoroughly ahead from everything to the flights to the hotel having an elevator or not. Travel is really tiring for my physically too. There are some places in the world as I’ve said before, that I’ll just never be able to get to either. So that tempers any real possibility for me to have wanderlust I think.

So instead I just choose to be thankful for whatever travel I am lucky enough to be able to do. There are people in the world who might even be physically able to travel but may never be able to actually afford it. So while my physical limitations might be difficult sometimes, I am still very fortunate I am able to save enough money over time to be able to travel and that my job allows for such great discounts for me to be able to travel.

I think this brings to light an even greater issue. Most of life’s happiness can really be found in attitude and perspective. Of course there’s a million places I want to go to in the world, but if I’m constantly putting pressure on myself to get there or stressing out that I may never get there before I die then that just takes away from my happiness. And travel should be all about happiness. I just have to take it one trip at a time. I honestly am just over the moon grateful I was able to go to Ireland and see a place so close to my heart and to my family. To be able to cross #1 off my bucket list. To be able to go anywhere after that is just a huge bonus.

I want to make it very clear though that I think travel is incredibly important for those of who can to do. To get outside of our comfort zone and meet and experience the way other people live. To experience other cultures. There’s no better way to understand each other as human beings. Travel is a great thing to be passionate about. I just think it’s helpful to recognize that there are other people that aren’t that aren’t as fortunate to be able to travel everywhere and to make the blanket statement that everyone should have wanderlust can be a little insensitive. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with appreciating wherever you have been either, no matter how many or few places that might be. Even if I only ever see a small portion of this great big world before I die, that was a small portion worth seeing in every way.

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