Blogspiration of the Day: Sarah and Mike

This clip was one the many near-ugly cry moments I’ve had watching The Ellen Degeneres Show. But it wasn’t just the incredible compassion Sarah showed for her friend with autism, or the fact an entire pro-football team supported such a noble case. It’s what Sarah said about Mike that really stood out to me. She said even though he was born with high functioning autism, he’s never mad at the world and loves himself.

Mike could have given me (could still give really) a lesson in how to deal with being different. Nine times out of ten, when I am mad at the world, it doesn’t have anything to do with the world, it has to do with me being mad about the situation I was born with. The same goes for why I retreat sometimes or push people away or am afraid to get close to them. I certainly didn’t grow up loving myself either as is very evident by many of the things I’ve shared on here.

Autism is still a very misunderstood disease I think, especially among kids in high school. Yes I have a limp and was insanely skinny but I can bet that Mike has had to endure much more teasing and a larger lack of understanding than I ever did. So for him to be able to accept himself and not just redirect whatever discontent or negative emotions he might have about his situation onto the world or life, and at such a young age, is just amazingly profound. I hope you enjoy this story as much I did. Thank you Ellen, Sarah and Mike.

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