Daily Inspiration: Matthew Hussey

In the past few years, I’ve purposely stayed away from any kind of dating self-help, whether it be videos, blogs, books or whatever. I’ve just wanted to focus on being happy with me and nourishing my soul and not read some book on how I can be a better dater or get him to call the next day.

The only exception to that is a guy named Matthew Hussey. Yes he’s insanely good looking and has a British accent, but he actually gives some really good advice. I don’t like all of the pushing his books and his retreat and all his other money-making agendas on his website but I suppose he’s a rather smart business man for doing so. I like that he doesn’t just offer women advice on dating; he offers advice on embracing who you are and loving yourself too. This video below is the perfect example of that. It’s long but it’s well worth the 22 minutes.

It really really resonated with me as someone with a disability and a limp that I always perceive as an imperfection. I think he’s spot on when he says that it’s not being perfect that makes people attractive, it’s being imperfect but being resilient and still fun loving and courageous despite all of those imperfections. I love when he talks about not justifying yourself to other people too. I constantly feel like I’m having to justify my disability to people, especially when it comes to dating. It hasn’t been until very recently that I’ve loved myself enough to say, “You know what? I don’t have to justify this to you.” I don’t have to try to make my MD sound “cool”, or minimize it just to get someone to like me or want to date me. If you don’t like it…there’s the door. Here’s to all of our imperfections…our pimp limps…and not justifying any of it to anyone. Here’s to our courage!


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