Putting the Life in Living

What does living life mean? Does it mean having plans every day of the weekend? Does it mean listening to all those inspirational quotes that tell you to dream big and then do whatever you have to do to achieve them? To try be successful and to take risks? To always be pushing yourself?

I honestly have no idea what it means for me personally. Despite knowing that “should” is a word that needs to be thrown out the window and has no place in our personal dictionary, I still have the nagging thought in my brain sometimes that maybe I’m not doing all that I should do. I’m perfectly happy to do a lot of things on my own but maybe I shouldn’t be so content with that. Maybe I’m not putting myself out there enough. Maybe I shouldn’t be content to sit at home and watch Netflix instead of going out. Maybe I’m missing out. Maybe I should be spending more time outdoors. Maybe I should exercise more. Maybe I’m supposed to be pushing myself more or taking more risks. Maybe I’m not ambitious enough.

I like to think that living life is something unique to each of us. Living life is whatever we want to define it as, not how what we see on social media defines what it as, or even what inspirational quotes define it as (and we all know I love a good inspirational quote). There’s no perfect mold for life. No specific set of circumstances it should have to be considered “fully lived”. It sounds morbid, but maybe it should just be that if for whatever reason, we died tomorrow, we would be happy with what we did on earth. I feel like my requirements are pretty short. I want to travel to as many places as I can, even if that’s only a couple of places. I want to have good memories with friends I will look back on that will always make me smile. I want to feel like I’ve nourished my mind and soul and expanded my knowledge. Yeah sometimes I wish I had plans every day of the week or weekend sometimes and sometimes I think there’s something wrong with me that I don’t, but I don’t think in the grand scheme of things that’s what makes a life full. I think just enjoying every moment we can and laughing as much as we can is what makes it full.

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