Why We Should Travel

This is a blog that I posted on my other/new blog, The Accessible Traveler. Though it’s definitely very in line with the focus of that blog, travel has always been a great source of inspiration for me so I thought it was fitting to share it here as well.

The Accessible Traveler

You've never seen blue until you've seen the Hawaiian ocean                                                 You’ve never seen blue until you’ve seen the Hawaiian ocean

My original intention with this post was to tell you all of my reasons why I think travel is such an important thing for all of us to do (differently abled or otherwise). But then I came across this article and it summed up everything I wanted to say perfectly.

13 Amazing Things Travel Does to Your Brain

I generally take issue with anyone/anything telling me I “should” do something so I try not to do the same for others, especially when it comes to something that can be really difficult and stressful for people who are mobility impaired or differently abled. The reality is, travel is one of those things that can be extremely difficult…

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