A Disgruntled Yelp User

As I was looking for something in my Yelp reviews today (seriously what did we do before Yelp?!) I noticed someone had responded to one of my reviews a while ago, a wedding venue in Idaho my friend got married at. The bridal room was up a flight of steep stairs (with no lift) so I had a hard time with it and made sure to mention that in my review. The owner wanted to make sure she was heard also so she responded with the below comment:

First of all, I may not know the ADA code front to back but I have a sneaking suspicion that the only change required for accessibly wasn’t redoing the staircase size. And even if it was, to do the bare minimum and not even consider people with disabilities in the process is completely unacceptable. I understand it’s probably expensive to have to put in a lift or a ramp but doesn’t everyone deserve the same access? As I’ve said many many times, it’s not our fault that we have disabilities and we don’t deserve to be treated as an option or a nuisance. If someone wanted to have a wedding reception there that was in a wheelchair, they wouldn’t even be able to use the bridal suite. If someone in a wheelchair was in a wedding, the same thing. In what world is that ok? I’m pretty sure people with disabilities live in Boise, Idaho. 

I get extremely frustrated with constantly having to bring this stuff to people’s attention or fight this fight because my honest feelings are people should know better by now. It’s 2015 and with the age of the Internet, there’s no excuse for ignorance anymore. I shouldn’t have to tell someone there are disabilities that don’t involve a wheelchair and none of us should have to tell a place of business to put a wheelchair lift or ramp in. 

I’m never going to stop fighting or speaking up though because this isn’t just about me. This is about every person born with a disability or mobility impairment. This is about equal treatment and equal access for everyone. We all deserve to be able to experience life the same way without barriers. 

As an aside, sorry Europe for being so hard on you about the accessibility thing. I forgot how moronic my own country can be. 

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