Daily Inspiration: the Mighty

The Mighty

If you can’t beat em, join em! And if you’re home sick…blog! Ok in all seriousness a friend sent me the link for this incredible article today on one of my favorite sites that tackles the topic of living with a disability, The Mighty, and it absolutely had to be shared.

Because there are so many different forms of MD, I think this piece did a great job of covering all of the individual and personal things we wish people knew about having MD and they also hit summed up for me so many of things I would like to say to people about having MD. #1, thank you Melanie Carson! We had a facilities lady at work who used to lecture me about eating meat or getting a soda out of the machine because it would aggravate my “MS”. She was just one of many who made that mistake. #7 was another thing on the list that stood out for me. As I get older, I get a little less likely to just walk by quietly when someone stares at me and a lot more likely to either a) Give them a nasty look, or b) Say “take a picture, it will last longer”. I was watching a documentary about a group of autistic kids in Ohio recently and one of the boys had on a shirt that said “Keep staring. Maybe I’ll do a trick” and I wanted one for myself so badly. I definitely agree people should ask questions instead of staring but I will admit if that question/statement is “Did you hurt your leg?” or “That looks like it hurts!” then I would just rather them not saying anything at all, even though logically I know I should want them to ask about it so I can answer and they can in turn learn that a disability can come in a lot of different forms but sometimes, I would just like it not to get pointed out. I know I have a limp thank you very much. I’m a high maintenance girl with MD, what can I say?

I could keep going on and on about how each one of these has affected me in my own life but instead, I encourage you to read it for yourself so you can learn not just about how MD has impacted my life but how it can affect each and every one of us and what we would like you to know about that. Knowledge is power and understanding is what brings us together. Thank you Elisabeth for such a great piece.

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