Awesome Blog Alert

I spend a lot of time here talking about myself (obviously) but I definitely still want the center of this blog to be about the various forms of things that inspire me, not just sharing my own feelings and stories.

One of the biggest ways I get inspired is actually by other people’s blogs. I love clicking on “Reader” from WordPress everyday or checking my emails for my daily blog digest to see what wonderful thoughts others have put out in the blogiverse that day. I’m constantly enamored, excited and challenged by reading other people’s stories and thoughts and even just seeing how their blogs look or are laid out.

A dear friend of mine happens to be one of those bloggers. She just kicked off 2016 with a new blog project called Rambles and Coffee and it’s great. She talks about everything from Disneyland and travel, to books and writing and her own personal musings. It’s just a great looking blog too and she takes some great photographs. Check it out here if you didn’t already click the link above 🙂


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