Lay It All On Me

I have a small obsession with Ed Sheeran that comes in second place only to my obsession with Glen Hansard. That being said, one of Ed’s newest songs that’s a collaboration with a group called Rudimental is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. In it he sings to I’m sure, whatever attractive female he was thinking about at the time and tells her to lay all of her cares on him. To let his love in and if she’s hurting, to just lay it all on him. It’s a pretty simple song lyrically but wow…how nice would that be to have someone say that to you? What an incredible gift that would be.

I’m coming off of a really hard week. I’ve fallen twice (the first one being one of the worst I’ve had in a long time and really messed up my body), a family member passed away, and I’ve just been in a lot of pain and not feeling generally great emotionally or physically. There’s been a lot of loss to cope with in the past year. So how great it would be to have someone just say to me “lay it all on me”…especially if that person just so happened to be Ed Sheeran 😉 I hope we all can have someone in our lives who even if they don’t say it, will let us lay all our fears, pain, tears and hurt on them.

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