Masters of None: Ladies and Gentleman


There’s a great series that came out last year from Aziz Ansari on Netflix called Masters of None. One of the episodes is titled “Ladies and Gentleman” and it covers the difference between the male and female experience in our world today (with some humor of course because it’s Aziz). Some people have said it didn’t do a very good job at covering the topic (I’m looking at you NPR) but I thought it actually did a really good job. There’s one scene in particular that I really liked. It juxtaposes what it’s like for Aziz and his friend out at a bar and what it’s like for a woman who is out at a bar. It follows them all the way to the point they get home. The guys just walk leisurely at a late hour back to their place in NYC while the girl has to try outrun a guy that was pestering her at the bar and is now following her home. I thought in just a matter of minutes, the show personified what it’s like for a girl to go out to a bar or to walk home at night (or anywhere alone really).

You can argue it all you want but the reality is the world can be a lot less safe for females and especially so for disabled females. Because I limp, I am basically a walking target for someone with ill intentions. The same goes for anyone with mobility issues. As a result, I never go anywhere alone once it’s dark (including the grocery store) and I’m always on guard when I am anywhere on my own. You can say this is paranoid, I know this is a controversial topic even though it shouldn’t be. The one thing I will say you have to draw a line for yourself so as not to live in paralyzing fear but the reality is we as women do have to proceed with at least some caution in this world. In order to at least try to stay safe and avoid getting raped or murdered, we have to alter our schedules and lifestyles sometimes. Some of us have to buy pepper spray or carry some other kind of weapon.

I wish we lived in a world where that wasn’t true. That all of us: male, female, gay, straight, black, white, could just walk around all hours of the night and be totally safe. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in but I thank Aziz and his show for at least bringing light to this particular topic. If it gets people talking even a little bit then that’s a great thing.


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