Things I Wish People Knew…

There are a lot of things I wish people knew about certain things that are disability friendly/only for disabled people. Unfortunately, we live in a very selfish society or just a very self focused one and I think some people don’t even realize that certain things are for disabled people only. Some do and they just don’t care which is the real travesty. This list is meant for both sets of people:

  • The big stall in the bathroom with the bars is the handicapped stall. Please don’t use it unless you’re in a wheelchair, mobility impaired, or there are no other stalls available. It’s also not your changing room.
  • The first floor of the Amtrak and Metrolink train is for people with disabilities or senior citizens only. That doesn’t mean it’s for you when the train is crowded or when your family wants to sit together. Some of us physically can’t go up the stairs so if you can, then please go up them and stop forcing me and the poor conductors  to call you out on the train. It’s really getting tiring.
  • Handicapped parking stalls are for people who can’t physically walk far or are in a wheelchair. They aren’t for you to use so you can run in to the store really quickly or to park in front of and block while you wait to pick someone up. You don’t block non-handicapped stalls so please don’t do it for ours. We do exist and yes we need to use those spots.
  • Wheelchair ramps are for people who can’t go up stairs and people in wheelchairs, not for you to sit on, to have a conversation on, or to take your smoke break on.

Ok, I’m going to go meditate now 🙂

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