LEIA: How To Be Single

This is a post from one of my favorite blogs. Laila is such an authentic and eloquent writer and I love hearing her thoughts on life, dating and relationships. I feel like I embrace being single pretty well (most of the time) but her post taught me a few more things and gave me some extra insight on the topic. Happy reading!



A couple of weeks ago I blogged about why I love being single. It was a weird one to write, because like so many of my blogs, I am completely oblivious to the fact that not everybody feels the same way. I assumed that everybody reaches the same conclusions after a while and it was only last year I realised actually, no, a lot of friends of mine are not single through choice and really struggle with being single. They analyse obsessively over how dates have gone, if they’ll ever find somebody, when they’ll get a message back or when they’ll find “the one”.

I left that thinking behind a long time ago and presumed that after a while all of us humans reach the same conclusions; it’s great being alone, friends are the best, dates are a fun hobby, etc. I’ve been kind of shocked to find people are spending a…

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