Why I Wish I Didn’t Have a Reason to Blog

Getty Villa 2015That subject line may seem a little weird since I love blogging so much. When I say I wish I didn’t have a reason to blog, I don’t mean because I don’t love it, but I wish that the world didn’t need to be made aware of what it’s like to live with a disability. I wish everyone just automatically understood and would sympathize with it. I wish that people would never even think to park in a handicapped stall when they didn’t need it. That people would never argue with a train conductor about sitting on the first floor when they didn’t need to. That everyone could understand how difficult it is sometimes and understand that yes we sometimes need special accommodations and that yes, we’re also still human beings.

I wish the entire globe was able to be set up so for every set of stairs there would be a or a lift so that people of all physical capabilities could see the world just as someone who is able-bodied is able to.

I wish that people wouldn’t even think to stare at someone with a disability or ask about their disability. I wish that dating could be the same for us as it is for everyone else. After all, isn’t it complicated enough without having to worry about being judged or written off for something that wasn’t our fault?

I wish that we weren’t treated as an afterthought or as second class citizens.

I wish that there were tons of disabled people on TV and in movies and on stage. That little boys and girls everywhere could have posters of their role models who look just like them and deal with the same struggles on their walls.

So that’s why I wish I didn’t have a reason to blog. I wish the world wasn’t as such that I need to. But…since that isn’t the world we live in….write on I shall.

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