Life’s Obstacles & Curve Balls


(I’m going to preface this post with the fact I am not in a place to believe what I wrote here. I admittedly wrote it a few days ago when I was in more of my typical positive frame of mind. Today, I’m exhausted from people and think that a hermit lifestyle sounds appealing but sometimes you have to fake it til you make it 🙂 )

I used to have this print out posted next to my window (unfortunately it recently got ripped off by my runaway blinds). It essentially said one of the ways a woman’s beauty can be found is in her ability to pick herself up and keep going after obstacles or hardships. I think this is true for any gender though. I think it goes a lot deeper than that too. It’s not just about being attractive because you’re able to overcome obstacles, it’s literally the only way any of us are ever going to make it through this life because life itself is made up of highs and lows. Sometimes some great extremes of both.

I’ve admittedly never been good with the lows. I tend to fall apart at the seams when things aren’t going well or when something bad happens. I assume I’m being punished for something or feel like it’s just another shitty card in the already shitty deck I was dealt in life. This is of course an extremely terrible way of thinking and only ends up making me feel more miserable.

So I started to go back and think about all of those lows. Things that felt like the worst thing ever at the time and I thought about what came after. What I had learned. What kind of person I had become as a result. And you know what? Everything I learned was good. It ended up being a high, even if the initial event was as low as could be.

Life’s curve balls suck, there’s no way around that unfortunately. I wish I could have an entire week where nothing went wrong or I didn’t make a mistake. But since that’s not how life works, all I can do is make sure not to get tunnel vision when the bad stuff comes up. To try and remember that when it’s over (and that point always comes), that I will have learned something even if it’s how to avoid doing the same thing again. To just accept that it’s a part of living and that it’s never going to change and that that’s ok.

At the very least, I can learn to spot the curve balls a little better and hopefully, get my swing ready to hit them right out of the park.

(I want to make it very clear I’m not saying that I think everyone can do this because my hardships are nothing compared to what people have to deal with both here and abroad.  I don’t think a child in Africa whose parents were both killed as a result of genocide should so easily just be able to pick themselves up or keep going. The same goes for anyone who has ever endured any kind of abuse or mental illness. But I hope this is somewhat of a bright spot for the smaller bumps in the road that might come along)

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