Meditate On It


There comes a point when you’ve been blogging for a while that you start to forget what you’ve talked about and what you haven’t (or perhaps that’s just called aging). So keeping that in mind, I think I talked about reading Dan Harris’s 10% Happier and how that really impacted me and turned me back onto meditation (a visit to a Zen Center in my high school World Religions class was my first encounter with it).

I was doing really well with consistently meditating there for a while but as often happens, I fell off the meditation wagon and stopped doing it. But as 2016 got underway and I noticed how irritable I was or easily stressed, I decided it was time to get back on the wagon. I found some screen shots I had taken of the book (because I checked it out of the library of course) to remind me of the different types of meditation I could practice.

I haven’t been back to doing it 7 days a week but I’m sticking with it most days. It’s amazing what just 5 minutes can do, especially for someone like me who constantly lives in their head. Like Dan says, meditation is not going to all of a sudden change your life and everything is going to be great and perfect. But it definitely will make you noticeably happier. It’s very apparent on nights when I meditate that the next day tends to go a whole lot better. I’m a lot more calm internally and externally and I can let things roll right off of me better. I still very much have bad days but just to have that little bit of extra peace really makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.

Here’s to being 10% happier!

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