Celebrating Joys – Day 1

My friend Vy over at Rambles & Coffee recently completed a great project…for the whole month of February she shared via social media what her joy was for that day with the premise being that we all talk a lot about our problems, but we don’t often talk about or share our joys. With everything that’s been going on with me these past few months, I thought there was no better way to keep my focus on the positive than by coming up with and sharing something that brings me joy each day.

Though it’s already March 7th, I’m going to share my daily joy here for the next 30 days.

Today’s joy was pretty simple. Getting a 1/2 price Frapp at Starbucks, driving to my favorite grocery store blasting my tunes and dancing and singing along (dancing only done at red lights, I promise). I took this pic to send to my best friend (yes I often send her selfies of me making obnoxious faces) before I decided I was going to make this a blog project (blogject?)/

Joy Day 1 (Edited)

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Joys – Day 1

      1. I have an idea that I’m not sure if I should act upon. Two actually. Maybe you can comment.
        1 – try to make a genuine positive comment or compliment to every person on my Facebook friend list.
        2- Make a personal connection in some way to reconnect via a call or visit and just ask how things are going.

      2. I think those are both great ideas! Anything positive we can share with each other or any kind of reaching out we can do to friends and family is always a plus in my book. I would just say, don’t worry if you can’t make a genuine or positive comment to everyone on your Facebook friend list. Even just doing one or two people a day or even a week can make an impact. I’ve actually been trying a bit of #2 myself…calling my friends instead of just talking to them via text or Facebook. It’s nice to hear them in person sometimes for sure.

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