Celebrating Joys – Day 8

Joy Day 8.jpg

One of the great things about joys is they can be often be found anywhere in anything. Sometimes they’re big, happy moments spent with friends. Sometimes they’re just a friendly smile from a stranger. For me, there’s a small thing I do almost everyday that brings me a lot of joy. I get cozy in bed (sometimes even in a bathrobe…aspiring Golden Girl right here), sometimes have a cup of tea, and curl up with my favorite TV show. I genuinely thank whoever invented being able to watch live TV on your laptop from your cable provider. Never need a TV again.

But as an only child, I think I’ve grown up really valuing my me-time. So that time I get to spend with just myself doing something I enjoy, even for just an hour or two, really means a lot and brings me a lot of joy.


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