Celebrating Joys – Day 9

Joy Day 9

This amazing gift was wonderfully and unexpectedly given to me by a coworker today. She had seen the My Awesome Week pad (which is also a mouse pad…I mean come on…genius!) and thought of me because of these joy blogs that I’d been doing. She also wrote me the nicest and most heartfelt message in the card that moved me beyond words.

I think we can all agree it feels amazing when someone thinks of us and shows it by giving us a gift but the best part of this (other than the incredible card) is knowing that my blog and that these joy blogs mean something to other people. I’m always incredibly grateful that anybody even reads what I write. Sometimes I feel like it’s incredibly self-indulgent to talk about myself which is why I try to share the inspiration of others more often but if what I do here touches someone else or means something to someone else, then my cup overfloweth with gratitude.

If you’re reading this awesome coworker, I truly do thank you for this wonderful gift and what it meant to me on so many levels ❤

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