Celebrating Joys – Day 10

10 days in! My how they fly. The joy for today might seem a little weird. Or maybe not, who knows. When I was younger (and by younger, I mean middle school all the way through college), I was terrified to be seen in public without makeup. I would not leave the house without it for anything. Even in my mid to late 20s I struggled with it. I’ve always been self conscious about my skin and I never wanted anyone to see any of my imperfections, especially since I already had a limp I couldn’t hide. But in recent years, I’ve grown out of this a lot and stopped worrying so much what I look like out in public without makeup on. I still like to look put together so I still wear it most days but for example, for water aerobics I don’t wear makeup (trust me, I would have in college) and I oftentimes go to get one of those delicious pitaya bowls I posted last week afterwards.

Tonight was one of those nights. By the time I get out of class, the area where the juice place is that has bowls is hopping with people, largely college kids (from my alma mater) and people on dates. Back in the day I never would have dared traipsing through there looking anything less than made up and perfect, especially knowing I was going to be in the company of some of the very good looking people from my college. But now, in my ripe old 30s, I don’t care anymore. I’ve walked through that area on all days of the week, including a Friday night in a Tshirt with half wet hair and no makeup on. And you know what? I strut through there with total confidence. I don’t envy the well-dressed, perfect skinned people I walk passed anymore (especially not the ones on dates). Anyone can feel free to judge me for the way I look after class. Bring it on. I’m happy and confident because I’m taking care of myself and more importantly, because I’m happy with who I am…imperfections and all.


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Joys – Day 10

  1. Amen, I like that – “Bring it on!” At a point in my life – let’s say elementary school to my 20s – I wasn’t confident in my looks that I hated looking into the mirror or see myself in photographs. Now I’m 40 and could care less.

  2. I want to be able to accept myself the way you accept yourself 🙂 I look for qualities like that in role models because it takes true maturity to be able to know what you are and what you aren’t, and be okay with that. I’m really impressed to see this on my feed. I hope that one day I’ll find peace in myself.

    1. Thank for the extremely moving comment 🙂 I wish I could say I was this accepting myself all the time. It’s definitely a daily struggle and I still have days where I feel ugly or I get angry with myself because of my limp or disability. But even slow progress is progress. I have no doubt one day you will find the same peace within yourself too.

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