Celebrating Joys – Day 11 & 12

Joy Day 11

So I obviously missed a day of joy here but not for a lack of having joy in the day yesterday. In fact, I was busy at Disneyland doing their annual Easter Egg Hunt (the aptly named Eggstravaganza) with some friends and didn’t get home until late so I wasn’t able to post Day 11 on the actual day. That being said, it’s probably pretty obvious what the joy was. Spending time with friends doing something fun and even silly is one of life’s true joys. I even fell but I didn’t let that phase me or take away from my enjoyment of the night at all (my knees might beg to differ however). I did however use it as an excuse to buy the Winnie the Pooh mug you see in the photo above. Because that’s exactly what I needed, another mug. But dangnabbit, I will use that Winnie the Pooh mug! It was so nice to have fun plans on St. Paddy’s Day too. There may have been some beer drinking whilst we looked for eggs.

For Day 12, today’s joy, I had to dig a little deeper. It was an extremely frustrating day overall and I wasn’t a happy camper for a good chunk of it, partially as a result from being tired and sore from the day before. Even at my age, it’s a hard life lesson to learn that the world isn’t always fair and sometimes you don’t always get the things you deserve. But the thing that brought me joy today were the memories of yesterday and all I have to look forward to in the coming weeks and even this year. I hope that my health stuff will resolve itself too but either way I know I have plenty of fun memories in my future. ❤


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