Celebrating Joys – Day 14

An international location that made me very happy: Budapest

Getting close to halfway there! Time really flies. Today just happened to be the International Day of Happiness so there couldn’t be a day more fitting to celebrate some joy.

When I was in school, even college, I always hated Sundays. They meant a new school week was just around the corner. Even with some of my past jobs, I was never super jazzed about the impending week ahead. But in recent years I’ve really grown to love them. Sometimes they’re the perfect day for brunch or going to Disneyland. Sometimes they’re perfect for just being lazy and getting things done around the house. I think that’s why I like them so much. Saturday there’s more pressure to do things or to have evening plans. But on Sundays, it feels perfectly acceptable to do nothing. And in fact, it’s kind of ideal to relax and do nothing to get prepared for the upcoming work week. So cheers to you Sundays for being my joy on this the International Day of Happiness. I wish many international days of happiness for you all ❤


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Joys – Day 14

  1. Hey Jackie, I really enjoyed reading your post because I am the same exact way. I still dread my Sundays sometimes because that means I am trying to play catch up with some of my work that I missed over the past week. I have to keep reminding myself to take some Sundays off to myself with no responsibilities. With work and school, so many of us just run through the motions of life without enjoying ourselves. We have to remember to slow down sometimes and jump back into the meaningful occupations that allow our minds and bodies to relax. I hope you keep up this great ritual of keeping Sundays to yourself to enjoy life. Cheers!

    1. Hi Samantha. I can definitely relate to that. I work 2 jobs and lately have been working the majority of my weekends on top of trying to get my usual errands/cleaning done so it can feel like a never ending To Do list. I’m craving a lazy Sunday that’s for sure! But it really is important to take some time, whether it be a Sunday or an hour on a week night to take care of ourselves and slow down a bit. Thanks for the comment and Cheers right back at ya 🙂

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