Celebrating Joys – Day 15

No particular reason this is the header photo other than I love The Beatles

Today’s might seem a little counter-intuitive but today’s joy is the fact that sometimes it’s hard to find joy in every single day. I absolutely could have sat here today and come up with something. But when I started this exercise, the one thing I didn’t want was for it to become routine. I didn’t want to force myself to have to find a joy just to get the blog posted. I wanted to feel genuinely joyful about whatever I wrote about.

Life’s full of good and full of bad. But without the bad, we would never recognize the good. Without the downs, we couldn’t truly appreciate the ups. The same goes for joy. Some days it’s harder to find than others and that’s ok. Just as long as we keep trying to find it…

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Joys – Day 15

  1. Hi Jackie,
    I have been reading your posts and just love your attitude toward life! Thanks for sharing your story- you are inspiring and making a difference to so many people. These words are such a great and true reminder. I like the photo too 🙂

    1. Hi Hilary! Thank you so much. That really warms my heart to hear and totally made my day! I’m a huge Beatles fan too so glad you enjoyed the photo too 🙂

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